My visits to Jade Acupuncture delivered results beyond my expectations. Acupuncture was the answer to my eye problem that traditional medicine could not correct. Dr Castro’s technique addressed this problem and also helped an ear problem too!!! My visit was a learning experience that provided positive results from which I will continue to benefit. I would recommend Jade Acupuncture to anyone who seeks too improve their health thinking “outside of the box!!!” T. Poole , Lafayette, LA

Dr Castro, this is S. Mortara. Just wanted to let you know that when the Optometrist took my pressure she thought either the machine was wrong or her assistant did it wrong. She did it herself on a different machine and she was amazed. It was 12 in the right eye and 11 in the left. Thought you’d like to know. I have the reports. Thanks very much and will look forward to do the next series. S. Mortara, Hallandale, FL


“I’ve been a regular Jade Acupuncture patient for many years. Pain relieved and symptom free are how I always exit the office. Dr. Adrian’s commitment to helping ease pain and disease make me always go back. He has helped me overcome too many illnesses to list, but I recommend him to all my friends, and all my family goes to him, too. Thanks for being there!”    M.Prieto

Jade Acupuncture & Wellness is amazing! I went to see them for a shoulder injury and from the very first session I had regained some strength and mobility. After finishing 3 more sessions it was like I had a new shoulder. Dr. Adrian was great! He didn’t over prescribe treatments and explained everything he was doing as well as the why and how the treatment would work. Anna at the front desk is so friendly and sweet. Parking on the street was easy. I have zero complaints about this business. It’s a great place! H. Nichols
“In many respects acupuncture acted as a miracle for me. I suffered from severe neck pain and found myself desperate to find the cause through traditional M.D.’s. After an MRI and physical therapy, I receiving several rounds of facet injections, which turned out to be just a temporary short term solution. The pain was unbearable and finally I found myself at Jade Acupuncture after a friend referred me. After a thorough evaluation I received my first needles and couldn’t believe how instantly the pain was relieved. I was placed on a program of regular visits and herbs. Started out visiting Dr. Adrian weekly a year ago and now I receive maintenance once a month. I highly recommend you try acupuncture as opposed to receiving shots or surgery any day!”      J. Nowicki
“I have been dealing with full body pain and inflammation for over a year now. I did the medical route with a Neuro and Rheumatologist nothing helped. I came to Jade Acupuncture 2 weeks ago in overwhelming pain, TODAY I can tell you I don’t feel the agonizing pain I was feeling and I was able to fall asleep during my session for the FIRST time. I’ve had 6 acupuncture sessions and drink the herbal teas recommended and I have not felt like this in a very, very long time. Dr. Castro is patient, compassionate and very detailed with his explanations and reasons for treatment. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone with chronic pain to come see him.” S. Orozco 

I was experiencing extreme sciatic nerve pain for well over 2 years. I had gotten used to living with the pain when regular shots, anti inflammatory, pain and muscle relaxing pills just were not working anymore. A friend recommended Dr. Adrian Castro at Jade Wellness. I was expecting just the slightest of relief. I did not expect that the relief was immediate and had completely vanished after the first visit. In just 5 visits I was Pain Free in the 1st time in 2 years. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Castro and his staff at Jade. Patient for life! F. Figueredo

I went to Jade as a result of severe neck pain. I was slightly skeptical of trying Acupuncture, but hopeful and desperate to alleviate the pain without the use of any pain medicine or muscle relaxers. Dr. Castro was immediately able to determine what was causing the pain and he anticipated 2-3 treatments would be needed. After the 2nd treatment, I was already feeling great. Jade has a wonderful energy and you feel it as soon as you walk in. Also, Dr. Castro’s assistant is a pleasure to work with. Jade was very accommodating and saw me right away and worked with my schedule so I could get the treatments I needed. I am very satisfied and will definitely be back. J. Alemany

I went to Jade Acupuncture for side pain, stress and fertility. I am pleased to share that my side pain has been relieved and I am feeling relaxed. I was also given a personalized mix of herbs to help with fertility. Dr. Castro is great — he is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The office is clean and I really like that we receive text reminders and we can text if there are any issues with scheduling. I highly recommend Jade!! A. Tolentino

The place has an amazing positive energy.
Beyond happy with all my treatments. I had some pains on both my elbows and index fingers. The treatments made the pain and discomfort disappear.
I stopped by last time during a bad flu. Their treatment helped as well. Thanks for the great service! Jose R.

Adrian Castro is the BEST ACUPUNCTURIST ever!  I went in there with excruciating back and sciatic nerve pain and after a few sessions felt like a new person.  And he doesn’t just do acupuncture. He uses several effective techniques to get rid of pain, such as natural herbs and a rapid release machine for scar tissue therapy.  Before going to see him, I had tried everything of little or no avail: pain medicine that is toxic for your body, steroid injections, a chiropractor, etc.  If you want to live the pain-free life that you deserve, call  to schedule an appointment at Jade Acupuncture and Wellness! T. Gomez

I had pain in my foot for several weeks. A friend of mine in NYC recommended me to try Jade Acupuncture with Dr Adrian Castro. After just 4-5 sessions, Dr Castro was able to provide a diagnostic/treatment for my Plantar fasciitis. By the 7th session I didn’t have any pain. It has been 1.5 month since then, I am back to the gym, and I am back to normal. I am walking now without pain. If you are looking for non-invasive treatments, using non-traditional methods, I highly recommend you to see this experienced professional. O.Jimenez

Thank you Dr. Castro! I walked in with extreme pain and walked out pain free!! Highly recommend Jade Acupuncture & Wellness!! Ada de Varona

This is a family run boutique-style business which, in Miami, is very difficult to find. They were friendly and knowledgeable. They offer a variety of services, including herbal medicine. I’m quite happy to have found them. I don’t use Groupon for hit and run services. If I find something or someone I like, I’ll go back. I will go back here. Anne W.

I have received acupuncture treatment before, so it was not a new experience. However, I was very pleased with the results I received after just a few visits. Adrian Castro is very thorough and knowledgeable. I felt that I was receiving excellent care and I will definitely return. M. Leonin

I have known Dr. Castro on a professional level for some time and I have had the privilege of getting to know him personally as well. What i can tell you is that his professional efforts are congruent with his personal fiber which coalesce to generate outstanding clinical results for his patients who require acupuncture for their muscle and joint related injuries. I highly recommend Adrian because you will find yourself in secure, highly competent hands. Dr. Anthony Lombardi

Best in town. Extremely knowledgeable & professional. Doctor Castro is amazing. So happy I found Jade Acupuncture & Wellness center! M. Valdes Geillen

Best in town!!! Adrian makes the process painless and easy. Very professional and extremely helpful. Highly recommended. W. Swink

Empecé a ir donde el Dr. Adrián por un dolor que tenía en la espalda. Había escuchado antes de la acupuntura pero no estaba muy segura de que fuera a tener buenos resultados. Empecé a ir donde el doctor hace 3 meses y me siento muy bien, mi dolor se ha quitado por completo. Durante el tiempo que he estado con el he tenido algunos otros dolores o molestias y el nunca dudó en ayudarme con esto. Todo el personal del consultorio es muy atento y profesional. No dudo en recomendarlo porque mi vida cambio después que empezar mi tratamiento con el. B. Amar


“Wonderful service! For many years I’m suffering with migraines. I’ve tried lots of traditional treatments over the past 10 years. None helped much. Visiting Jade acupuncture and wellness for a bit more then a month and see a lot of improvement already. Doctor Castro is super nice and professional. He was able to figure the main reason causing my migraines and successfully treating this condition. Also as I know so far acupuncture can treat lots of other health conditions. Highly recommended! And always nice to see Anna-Maria at the reception:) All the time she meet you with a warm smile and friendly conversation.”      M. Torrealba-Grinen

“I’ve been coming to Jade Acupuncture for 2 years now and am so grateful I found this place!! I had been suffering from migraines for years and now finally have some relief. Dr. Adrian Castro is professional, knowledgeable, and committed in helping his patients. And of course It’s always a pleasure seeing Anna. Definitely recommended!” N. Motley

“I’ve had a great experience at Jade Acupuncture & Wellness. Dr. Castro is great at his job; he’s extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring when making the acupuncture treatment plan. I definitely recommend Jade Acupuncture & Wellness for anyone looking for a holistic healing experience, especially if it’s your first time! C. Dietz Valdespino
“Great place to heal your mind and body. Dr. Castro is extremely knowledgeable, patient and cares deeply about his patients.” Q. Perry
“Jade Acupuncture has become my go to place for all of my healthcare issues. Dr. Castro has helped me so much. I am having much less migraines, the original cause of my visits. He has also helped me from feeling cold all of the time, and recently cured my unbearable TMJ pain. Now he is working on strengthening my left side, which has been weaker than my right side due to an accident 10 years ago. Chiropractic care didn’t do it, but after just one session I could feel the difference! I highly recommend him. His combination of therapies is highly effective.” I. Souza


“I would like to share my experience to help other people that might be suffering like I was. After going through a chain of sad events in my life I started to get more and more anxious until I got very depressed. I went to see a psychiatrist and he asked me to start with acupuncture. It seemed weird to me but I decided I would give it a try. I found Dr. Adrian Castro in my insurance list and started a treatment twice a week. It seems to be some kind of magic. Now I feel full of energy, happy and relieved. He is an excellent professional and takes care of every detail. I have been passing his information since I saw the results. I highly recommend Jade Acupuncture.”   M. R. Abad
“Doctor and staff are very knowledgeable, welcoming, the office is clean, comfortable and relaxes you. I’ve been going for several weeks, my initial pain is gone. The effects have spread all over and I feel incredibly better overall. Great for detox and pick me up.” Magda C.

“Very relaxed atmosphere.”  P. Torres

This is an amazing place! I’ve been treated by Dr. Castro for chronic condition that is not treatable according to official medicine-only painkillers available. Over the year of my health improved beyond believe. My regular treating doctor is amazed of my progress as well. Dr.Castro is not only unbelievable acupuncturist, he is also great with herbs and he makes herbal mixture for each of his patient individually. N. Austin