Our practitioner, Dr. Adrian Castro, has studied extensively and received certifications in the field of Chinese Medicine Ophthalmology with pioneers like Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, and Dr. Marc Grossman.  He has learned several different systems and treatment strategies that have been proven to effectively treat degenerative eye conditions.

To see a study conducted by  Johns Hopkins University on Retinitis Pigmentosa and acupuncture click here.;

Eye Treatment Program

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment program is individualized to address the unique needs of our patients and the underlying conditions associated with their eye disease.

Depending on the patient, this may include:

Which Eye Diseases We Treat

What We Do

At Jade Vision Acupuncture, we offer both a five day and ten day treatment protocol depending on the conditions being treated. We recommend that first-time patients come for two week (ten days of treatment) in order to arrive at a complete understanding of the patient’s conditions; and see how he/she responds to treatment. Some patients have a rapid response during a five-day session, while others do best on a ten-day protocol.

  • At the beginning of treatment, we review the patient’s medical history. We ask that you bring any vision tests that have been conducted. These tests are vital to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Therapy consists of two 30-minute treatment sessions a day with an hour break between treatments. Treatment methods vary depending on the patient and eye condition and may include micro-acupuncture,  electro-acupuncture and auricular acupuncture.
  • Nutritional supplements and/or Chinese herbs are usually recommended and provided.
  • After one course of treatments, vision tests are repeated to determine if the treatments are working.
  • At the end of the treatment program, patients are provided with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations designed to address underlying health conditions, nourish their eyes and help maintain their eyesight. While eighty-five percent of patients respond positively to the treatment, there are some patients who do not respond to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Maintenance Treatment

It should be emphasized that this treatment is not a “miracle cure.” It takes time and commitment for some patients to see results where others see improvements quickly. This therapy is a viable form of management that can halt or slow down the process of degeneration, at the same time possibly increasing vision. Once we recover whatever lost vision we can, the goal is retain remaining eyesight through maintenance treatments. Degenerative eye conditions need ongoing maintenance and will unfortunately only deteriorate if neglected. The frequency of maintenance visits depend on the patient and their individual conditions.